Innergizer Plus Massager, is the most powerful Massager on the market!
The Innergizer is used by many doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and other medical professionals. Now, we are making this revolutionary machine available for use in your home or office!
 Innergizer is an oscillating massager.
                                  Consistent Effect
 The concentric motion of the powerful motor gives comfortable and consistent action.

                                  Massage Intensity
 Massage speed is freely controlled by the speed dial(located on the machine itself, or on the remote control). You can also vary the intensity by applying more or less pressure.
                                     Large Pad
 An anatomically designed large pad fits your body contour for effective all over massage. Use alone or with the provided attachments. The Innergizer now comes with seven different attachments:
  1. Deep tissue massage attachment (set of four)
  2. Circulating massage attachment (set of four, fits as caps on deep tissue)
  3. Rounded surface attachment
  4. Reflexology Foot pad attachment
  5. Soft pad (recommended for delicate or bony areas)
  6. Pyramid attachments (set of four, ideal for lotion or oil application)
  7. Angled Foam Base (Available with machines shipped after 4/1/14)
 Sturdy construction, the machine is "over built" for long lasting performance. Purchase yours today and get Lifetime Warranty included!

Innergizer & Soleeze



Quick Start Guide

Neck, Shoulders, and Arms-

Place the Innergizer on one spot, or slide the unit from one position to another. Put a towel or cloth on the pad if desired. To access difficult to reach areas, ask a partner to hold and manipulate the Innergizer to the desired location.


Use the pad surface or choose a set of attachments. Be careful to avoid the spinal column and other areas where bone is close to the skin  Using the Soft pad attachments over these areas is recommended. 


A chair is helpful to massage the waist. Simply place the Innergizer on the chair and lean back.


Place the machine on the inner or outer thigh and move as desired.

Feet and Legs-

Simply place the machine on the feet or desired spot on the leg and massage.